Does it work indoors and outdoors?

Most people sense that the air is fresher around them immediately. If you normally have allergies from pollen, or if you are sensitive to smoke, you will notice a difference when wearing the device.

How do I know this is helping me?

While ReSPR SeLF works best indoors and in spaces where the air isn’t actively moving, it is still cleaning the air around you when you’re outside. If you’re outdoors, as wind will decrease the effectiveness of the device.

Is there any Warranty ?

Your ReSPR SeLF Personal Air Purifier is warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal household use for a period of 1 Year from date of purchase. The warranty is granted only to the original purchaser and members of his or her immediate household. The warranty is subject to the following provisions. Any damages or malfunctions caused by negligence, abuse, or use not In accordance with the Owner’s Manual are not covered by this warranty. Likewise, any defects or damages caused by unauthorized service are not covered. ReSPR will, at Its option, repair or replace a defective Air Purifier that is covered by this warranty. As a matter of warranty policy, ReSPR will not refund the customer’s purchase price. To obtain warranty service you must return the defective Air Purifier along with proof of purchase to the ReSPR Authorized Warranty Station. All transportation charges on parts, or units, submitted under this Warranty shall be borne by purchaser. Unless this Warranty is expressly renewed or extended by ReSPR, any repaired or replaced part of unit shall be warranted to the original purchaser only for the length of the unexpired portion of the original warranty.

Can kids wear this?


Do we need to get it serviced after 6 month or 1 year?

This is simple DIY Service device, just clean the filter on the top with adamp cloth and it is all set!

Does air purifiers make noise?

No noticeable sound, If you hear very closely then a hissing sound in there which is from the AIR it sucks inside for purification.

Is the brand respr self, or retalr self?

The Brand is ReSPR Self from the US, Retalr is exclusive partner and distributor for these products in India.

How much Area around is protected when wearing this device?

Typically 100 Sq FT in Radius around the person wearing it.

How do i know it is working?

When switched ON, there will be a hiss sound and a blue light around the filter area. that confirms the device is working.

Can I use this in crowded places?

Yes can be used in crowded places, however best recommended to use in close environments.

Can it be used 27*7, while charging?

Yes, It can be used 24X7, It is also safe to use while charging it …

Dimension size and weight ??

Hello Buyer .. This Items weighs 70 Gms and the Dimensions are 9 CM L X 7.5 CMS W X 2.5 CMS D .